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Back to a Sleep with Oneness

Rain embracing succulent earth,

Feeding her star seeds

Planted by moonlight fingers

Extending to meadows and hatchlings

Crying for their banquet.

Gardens bursting with harvest

Springing from tender sprouts

And forest saplings.

Clouds lifting mists

Delivered to the sun

Back to a sleep with oneness

Until a new day.



Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard


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I Long for Ocean Bounty

I long for ocean bounty

Chilled to perfection

For winter slumber.

Where is a mountain

That harbors a cave

For the homeless?



Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard


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I Call to the Dawn

I am wasted by the weather

In a hastened death by wind,

Surrounded by a dream cloud gray,

And made to rest in the rain.


The umber bark of night limbs listen

To my fevered songs of lonely truth,

Which the stars do not grasp in sight,

And I feel for a sign of God.


So I turn to the meadow

And search in the moonlight.

I appease the black bird

To release the white.


At last, I find a tortuous path;

My footsteps deep in fog so thick

That I barely see it nudging me

At my side, the Dawn.


I call to the Dawn

And hold it tenderly.

It opens so softly;

I feel its vast stillness.


I tiptoe silently

Through and beyond

Each misty droplet

On its dewy plain.


Then as my hand slices

Its crystal breath,

I reach to kiss

The morning haze.


Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard




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Mother Oak, Mother Time

Mother Oak, Mother Time
Your canopy a home.
In the shade of outstretched arms
Dressed in moss,
Your girth sustains us.
In sun and storm, we cling to you
And pray in your shadow,
stretching to the stars.
As we sit for your truth
Of births, of deaths,
Of flags fallen and flags raised,
Of your bounty to friend and foe.
Your roots gorged with stories,
Your heavy limbs, laden with food,
We come to you.

Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard



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Sacred Design

Mother Nature’s secrets
Revealed in hidden sight,
Replicated in sacred geometry.
All is cast from one equation.


Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard


as above so below as within so without

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I am Ocean

I am Ocean,

Scarlet shadows,

Waves of vibrant

Silken purple,

Breaking in the storm.

No horizon;

Sea is sky.


Sailor, find me.

Feel my sweeping,

Churning turmoil.

Find my turquoise

Silence pulsing

Black to violet,

Subdued in fever.


Sailor, find me,

This is treasure:

Sunken rainbows,

Gold untarnished,

Jewels like coral.

Capture my bounty;

Dread my mystery.


I am Ocean.

Feel me trembling.

Taste me salty.

Sailor, find me.

This is We.


Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard




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I whisper this soul song
in pale amber light,
strong and spiraling flakes of snow
across the heart like sweet ice rain
over gray, blue night.

I whisper like a chick can sing for seed
or a baby coo for warm milk.
There’s no autumn,
for the leaves have fallen
down the slopes to the frigid sea side.

Snow is swirling on the shore,
but bare are the waves
hitting the rocky beach, where
I stretch to touch the moonbeams
and hold tight as I climb up the light.

Hollow is the way,
yet still so thick with stars,
holding me, pulling me, coaxing me
upward so tightly, so closely, so warmly,
Come along, come along.

And so I do.
And so I do.

No struggle, no pain riding waves of pure joy,
rolled and tossed by the warm light
of angels humming, their wings unfolding,
their words like dove song,
Come along, come along.

And so I do.
And so I do.

No struggle, no pain floating in the spiral of angels’ songs,
winging toward their Beacon,
its glow so hot I cannot breathe
until I hit the shore
like a soul storm.

And so I cry out loud,
not from pain but from joy released,
my song like clamoring bells of all tones
in perfect harmony,
I am born.


Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard


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Spirit Guide Me


Spirit guide me in this prayer.

Listen to my Heart song.

If You are there,

I am here by the pond,

Near an altar where

I raised my hands

And gathered You.


So now I listen to Your song.

Who am I here

But just a voice

Growing louder in Your words.

The sunlight falls like rain

On my Heart so thirsty

For the cup that holds the light.


I walk the path that winds

Around the labyrinth of my soul

To find the Heart of You,

Warm to touch, and so I do

Gather You and fill the cup

For just a taste to last

An age of a day to contemplate

My Heart and Soul,

My dust to dust.


Around me are the fallen leaves,

Iced then thawed this day

Of spring midst winter’s blister,

The trees warmed and stretching

With help from a rustling breeze

Of healing light held by stones

On this path to You.


And when You call,

No need to shout, now that

The door is opened to my Heart,

Which Shadow hid so long.

That door she could not close it right,

And from that crack, I felt the light

And could not turn away.



Shadow, listen. You are vain

To think You know my real name.

We were mismatched from the start.

You grew like vine work on my Heart.

The vines like fear entangled me.

And sapped my Soul –

No nurture there –

And I felt like dry earth

Under crisp grass,

Parched, yellow, twisted

Crumbling in Your breath.


You called me Friend, and so I listened;

I had no choice, I thought

You were right.

And I waited for Your promise

To quench my thirst.

But the vines only tightened,

And I felt no air to speak

In that vacuum in the

Underbrush of my Heart,

Where worms of deceit

And grubs of despair

Made pathways in my hair.

And jealousy took hold in my eyes,

Once lanterns to my heart,

But now cold candles of you, Shadow.


There, no light, I worried,

Yet no tears could spill

From this dry vessel,

Just a fossil or an artifact

Of my Child Soul overgrown

In this infertile soil

Of my Shadow Soul.


And so You held me

Like a captive

With nowhere to go.

And so I feared that doorway

To my Soul.

And Spirit whispered so,

So I dare not say no

To this light breaking

The day lock on my Soul



Spirit’s breath like crystals

Melting on my hungry lips.

The vines, now dry,

Like shackles falling to my heels.

I emerge, stretching upward

Like a candle flame of

Blue searing gold,

Gold searing orange.


Now I am pink and fresh

With tender skin

Warm, moist, unbruised

By Shadow’s grip.

And on my tongue

New words of Spirit’s songs.



So now I lay me down to sleep

In Spirit’s arms

Bundled in her lullabies.

Like Psalms to the Heavens,

The Truth unfolds its wings

Into many angels

Spiraling into the light.

They hold me close,

And in their stories,

I see myself in many colors.

I am crystal;

I am water;

I am memory

I am now;

I am tomorrow;

I am.



Copyright © Barbara Harris Leonhard



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Nature is a temple

We enter with respect

For each step we take

Resounds in her heart


Poem: Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard

Image: Copyright © Moyen Breen –