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Healing Light Takes No Sides

Healing light takes no sides;

It is a gift.

It wraps its love

Around our hearts,

And we are gifts to our healing.

          Blessed Be.


One day with the Divine –

One lifetime,

One century,

One creation.






Three in one

Indivisible – always.

Be still and know.

He is there.

She is there.

We are there.


The universe is within us,

We are within the universe.

The universe and we are one.


Source about us,

Source within us,

The light of healing,

A clear and perfect channel.


Without condition,

Without rules,

Love with Truth




Three in one,

One in three,


Present in the invisible,

Profound in light,

Like fire heat,

With water ice

And air breath

Touching each chakra

Lotus blooming.

          Blessed be.


This is the oracle

That we must all know

And will feel

Like the tides,

The ebb and flow of soul,

The dawning of light.


Light is healing;

It is blessed,

As blessed as the bird song

With the crest of sun,





 Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard

Image: Beautiful Lotus Flower at Sunrise (

Lotus Flowers at Sun Rise by Bahman Farzad
Lotus Flowers at Sun Rise by Bahman Farzad
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Gently I Send this Healing Light

Gently I send this healing light

Gathered from the Divine

And guarded by the angels

Swiftly delivered on their wings

To your ailing self and soul,

Wrapping you in the hands

Of Mother Age,

Eternal bond,

Crystalline breath,

Azure lapis jewel.


The rainbow rises and opens

Like lotus blooming

In a timeless meadow

Of monarchs

Kissing your heart.


And doves rising

Aroused by the sun heat

Of angels calling your name,

Warmly caressing

Your many colors

Of all ages,

Healing then;

Healing now;


Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard



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The Dark

We fear the darkness

though it holds a mystery

It’s our constant friend


For where there is night

there is light beckoning us

out of the obscure



Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard