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Somewhere Blindly

Somewhere blindly

I misplaced you.

Was I asleep in my tea?

Was I meandering on a twisted forest path

Of  past life contemplations?

Was I hanging off a headline

Or falling off the edge of the Internet,

The dot in com,

Mesmerized by pixels and bytes?

Did I lapse you into a bed

Of forget-me-nots

By the Sea of Forgetting

On a beach of lost marbles?


Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard


Photographer: Mark Korb © 2010-2017


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To Write a Poem

To write a poem

You must pretend to sleep,

Sitting up

With a pen,

For if you jump up

To catch the Muse,

All is washed away

Like a dream upon awakening.

There are no better lines

Than those in dreams.

Sleep opens to visions and

Images to truths untold as dreams slip

Into the darkness of the rising sun.

Trance is a collage of words

Dissipating in a fog if jostled,

Fluttering like butterflies

Caught in a net ready to escape.

Mindless chatter forming maxims

Quenched by quiet rumination,

Taking form in rhyme and meter.

In dreams the Muse tells secrets.

Poets can never sleep.


Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard





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Mud Maid

Fair lady dressed in

Moss and lichens,

A perch for owls.

Luscious grasses, your hair.

You take the path on Heligan for

A long nap in the sun and

Dreams of timeless nights,

Though it is written,

“Don’t come here to sleep or slumber.”



Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard

Image: Mud Maid in the lost gardens of Heligan  Sculptor: Susan Hill


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Only When

Only when

you find your path

will your truth be known.

Only when

you speak your truth

will you be named.


Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard