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Top bunk, pen in hand,

Leaves outside my window

Stirred by the wind,

Nature, my journal.

Walks in solitude;

People talking in verse.

Walks with words

And songs written in a pasture.

Stories with sad endings;

Poems with rhyme; people talking in verse,

Dialogues with images of life fragments,

Searching for the meter – and my place.

Moments away from service,

A return to poems of trees.



Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard












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The Colors of My Soul

What is the color of my Soul?

It is all colors.

It is the colors I have kept in a box

I’ve failed to open too long.

It is the palette of my heart

I’ve failed to use too long.

The colors are there in brilliant hue

And not dull, as I feared.

My Soul is strong in colors,

Like the fire in a rainbow

Stretching from my heart

To all my cells and senses

And to the stars,

Making a way for me to go

And leave behind the dull shades

Of grief

            Of fear

                        Of anger

                                    Of self doubt.

They are the colors

Of my shadow heart.

My Soul is the artist

Who will fill the dusty canvas

With gentle strokes,

Creating the sunrise

Of my heart,

Splashes of orange and gold,

Colors of light spreading to other hearts,

Making them one heart,

The color of love.






Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard



Image: 21 gorgeous sunrises          

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Shadow Soul

Shadow Soul, You are part of me,

Made of doubts that fall from clouds

Cast over my heart.

You are an orphan

Raised without touch

And never kissed.

You met your praise

In a slap.

And grief is the gravy

Of your past.

 Your words are daggers

I must dodge;

And from my Soul,

I must dislodge.

Your eyes are green; your pockets, empty.

Of ice and stone, you have plenty.

How can I cast you out

But to heal your pain,

For it is my pain?

I made you all that you are.

So it is – I have to say,

I forgive you, Shadow Soul.



Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard