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New Audio: In Silence So Long

In silence so long

ivy caught my heart

and climbed my soul


Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard




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New Audio: The Dark


We fear the darkness

though it holds a mystery

It’s our constant friend


For where there is night

there is light beckoning us

out of the obscure



Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard





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New Audio: Healing Light Takes No Sides

Healing light takes no sides;

It is a gift.

It wraps its love

Around our hearts,

And we are gifts to our healing.

Blessed Be.


One day with the Divine –

One lifetime,

One century,

One creation.






Three in one

Indivisible – always.

Be still and know.

He is there.

She is there.

We are there.


The universe is within us,

We are within the universe.

The universe and we are one.


Source about us,

Source within us,

The light of healing,

A clear and perfect channel.


Without condition,

Without rules,

Love with Truth




Three in one,

One in three,


Present in the invisible,

Profound in light,

Like fire heat,

With water ice

And air breath

Touching each chakra

Lotus blooming.

Blessed be.


This is the oracle

That we must all know

And will feel

Like the tides,

The ebb and flow of soul,

The dawning of light.


Light is healing;

It is blessed,

As blessed as the bird song

With the crest of sun,





Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard

Image: Beautiful Lotus Flower at Sunrise (

Lotus Flowers at Sun Rise by Bahman Farzad
Lotus Flowers at Sun Rise by Bahman Farzad
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New Audio: Free Climber

You are the mountain;

I, the free climber,

In awe of you

And timid,

Yet I ascend.

Parts of you open.

My fingers and toes

Take foothold in

Your stoic rock face,

The backbone of your Spirit.

But I, too eager,

Unsteady, I slip,

No rope to spot my fall.

Harder, I grip;

Upward, I embrace

The expanse of you:

Cold slate, blue shadow,

Whispers of wind entwine us.

You have me against you.

I am you;

I am the peak of you,

All around us the stars.



© Copyright 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard


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New Audio: I long for Ocean Bounty

Here is the audio for an earlier work.

I long for ocean bounty

Chilled to perfection

For winter slumber.

Where is a mountain

That harbors a cave

For the homeless?



Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard


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Eye to Eye

I thought there was

Only one of me.


Until I met you!


I’m glad we see

Eye to eye!


Copyright © July 24, 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard


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What is Healing?

What is healing but
The stabbing to death of pain,
The banishment of shadows,
The release of sorrows,
The burning of poison arrows.

The diseased are their own healers.
Healing requires arbitration and litigation,
For Illness takes possession
As the unwelcome tenant in the temple,
Stripping away a clean visage,
Creating squalor and decay,
Planting bramble in the garden,
Making infertile the soil;
Evading eviction, and even
Dismissing kind offers for other accommodations.

Illness commandeers the ego,
Becoming its own soul.
This unwelcome tenant deceives,
Creating attachments,
Becoming dependable,
Appearing useful,
Providing false amenities, while
Ordering demolition to your heart.
And in so doing,
Laying claim to your prosperity.

But healers can vanquish this tyrant
From their sacred property
Once they know their powers, for
It is the landlord who holds
The keys to the mansion and
The one who can open the gate.

Healer, awaken;
Heal yourself.
Break this unholy contract
Wrought by the thief
Inhabiting your house and
Garnishing your treasures.
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New Audio: Upon Awakening

This is the audio for “Upon Awakening “, published in June 2017. I decided to go ahead and include the poem.

Your truth – a mountain; stand in your power.

As rainbows stretch from arms of innocence,

The forest behind you, a solitary journey of One.

Along the rainbow’s edge, a scary ride, yet joyful,

You surrender on the slide of colors and affirmations.

All that caged you, just illusions,

Feathers of dead birds confined to lonely cells

With no bars but their eyes closed to clouds

Beckoning for them to take flight on stars,

Not knowing the truth of aloneness

Is a personal quest with hazards beholding bliss.

Be as the Blind Swordsman on a journey of One.

With but a small bundle and good will on the route,

Feeding on light and sleeping on clouds.

Cunning yet calm in his soul of souls,

Where he listens in the Now,

Trusting intuition as a compass

On his humble journey into darkness,

A light unto himself, and truth his lamp.

Be as that light; make that cane your sword,

A totem of your truth which you alone bear

Despite those mocking the Fool,

Who trods this path on rainbow’s edge.

Be a watcher of your half self;

Ego is a traitor, not a half brother;

He can blind you to your knowing.

This path is inward; his is illusory.

Join with Consciousness;

It guides the Blind Swordsman as his eyes,

His inner seeing on his soul journey.

Carry with you stones and crystals holding the rainbow’s light.

Your past, a burden, carried off by ants

Foraging for bits of your old soul,

Slain by a crystal sword to birth a new one.

You are innocent of knowing, but not of yearning.

This is your departure in a child’s shoes laced in joy,

And your eyes brighten at the forest’s edge

To an eternity of rainbows – curtains on the soul,

Opening for a view of that mountain,

Where the path ends in the Self.
Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard



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New Audio-Loving Too Much

Hello, here is the audio for “Loving Too Much”, which was posted last month (June). That post also has a short analysis.

Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard



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New Audio-Time

Hello, here is audio for a haiku “Time”, which I wrote a short while ago. The poem can be found in my June or July archive if you would like to see it written.

Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard