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Listen to My Story

I was only a teen who had no sense.

That’s why I’m here

In this spot under the trees.

Won’t they forget me?

I’m looking for them to tell them

I am here and

Just to say my name

One last time.

Why was I so senseless?

The clouds took me too soon.

I listened to the wrong tunes,

Dark, pounding, impudent.

Now I am lost.

Can you help me?

Where can I go?

Is that the door?

I’m just a kid with no sense.

How was I supposed to know

What would happen?

I can’t get past their tears.

They hold me tight.

How can I break free?

Where is God?

No, don’t leave me; listen to my story.

I’ll be fine and find my way

If my girlfriend is OK.

Go on. Go on. Tell her.

Don’t hold me down with your tears.

I have a story, a reason.

They told me I would feel great.

But now I’m here looking for the way, just a kid.

No, don’t leave!

I was young, buff, full of vigor.

Girls loved me. I was strong and grand to all.

Still, I was stupid.

Tell them I am sorry.

What was I thinking?

Now I’m here.

It will take me a while to see the light.

Their tears are like ropes.

But I’ll be fine. I’m sorry.

Put away my senior ring.

Take apart my room.

Box my trophies. I have a place.

They will take me there.

I’m just there to say I’m okay.

I can be free once they

Loosen the ropes of tears.

Fill my room with your own gifts.

There is no point to sing such grief.


Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard

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New Audio: Extraordinary Sunshine Weaver

Weaver is Source, who connects all things.
Strings and threads are cloth woven for wear.
Sunshine is Source, who reaches out rays
Like fingers to heat and heal,
To create Spring, spiritual connection,
To nurture Gaia,
To create rain as food,
To dream life,
To forge love
And evolve Source.
Extraordinary is this mystery.
All extends from Source as fingers of light
To nourish and thrive,
And as night falls awake so do all
Return to Source.

Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard


“Skyfall” by Andrei Mikhailov


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New Audio: Twin Flames


Maybe the twin flame is the body.

This carriage of flesh and bone

Transporting the empress;

This fine leather purse

Guarding the treasure.

The clay vessel

Displaying roses.

The body, a self, one memory;

The treasure, a self, many memories yet

Two souls become entwined.

The candle; the flame.

The host; the guest.

The package; the gift.

Both in agreement as one receives the other,

Dissolving into its infant being

And yet they are so different.

For one is a temporal vessel easily chipped and broken;

The other, an old soul on many missions, indestructible.

For one, where there is discovery;

For the other, there is knowing and revelation.

For one, where there is desire;

For the other, there is manifestation.

For one, where there is Time connecting all pain;

For the other, there is only Now.

For one, there is slumber as life is a dream, an illusion;

For the other, there is awakening and enlightenment as life is a school.

One is a dense, heavy, carnal, earthly, transient being;

The other, a radiant, expansive, ethereal thought being from Source.

They are Cohabiting, yet so unique.

The purpose is to bring to fruition unconditional love

In the home and the spirit

On Earth.

These two beings, twin flames.

With the death of one, there is ongoing life for the other and yet

Grief for the loss of this mate of a different race

Until reuniting with the Light as a spectrum of thought, and then

Another journey to the flesh and bone of a chosen one.

For the other forever moves out from as well as back into the Light,

Merging with Ancient Kin as both One and Not One,

Living others’ stories and sharing its own reviews

Over many lifetimes.

As a guest to many hosts

On its ascension to full Truth,

Known as Source.


Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard

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