Manifest Love!

Manifest Love! Fear is deforming; Love is transforming. To change your view, Change your eyes. When one heart changes, So do all. Empower Soul; Empower Love! Copyright© Barbara Harris Leonhard Image: “Fulfilled Heart” digital art ©Martha Harris See Martha's Artistic Flarings  

Abandoned Eyes

 Abandoned Eyes Eyes are wise. With lids open to view, They deepen light into truth And soul into song.   Eyes hold memories In colors that blaze from rainbows, Where owls take flight Before morning dawn.   Eyes have will For those who choose. Eyes portend For those awake. Eyes are tutors in all realms... Continue Reading →

An Important Message from a Prolific Writer Look at me. See me. “President Trump pledged Thursday to keep the United States at the “top of the pack” in terms of nuclear weapons, expanding the nation’s nuclear arsenal if necessary and suggesting that changes to a treaty with Russia could be possible.” “The United States and Russia together have more than […] via... Continue Reading →

The Sea Tree

The Sea Tree With trepidation, I set off Through the fierce waves That clash around my feet. I feel uprooted from Such a long journey.   The salty broth sweeps me Along the green wetness; Misty are my memories Tossed behind Like dead leaves, Those other days.   And now I am gone Not as... Continue Reading →

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