This is a loop poem with the rhyme scheme of ab, cc, defg, hh, ii, jklm, nn, oo.  Some days I just want to be alone alone with my soul and sacred things   sacred things like collages, crystals and prayers prayers holding grace up heavenly stairs   stairs that wind higher into vast space... Continue Reading →

Tao Play

  When they come to the temple, they are but broken warriors, seeking redemption in Tao play.   They enter the temple gates out of the shadows of their lives in the light of the sun rising on the horizon.   They are vessels receiving and giving sustenance from the ball of life that lifts... Continue Reading →

A Fine Coat

Grief is a tailor. Each garment made to suit, buttons attached each year, hems altered, seams made strong by threads of time, pockets lined with truth.   Grief takes threads of every color in and out. Rage-red borders blend flecks of gold. It makes a fine coat so soft to the touch.   How surprising.... Continue Reading →


Rice cooks, sheaths burst, steam rises for sacral birth.   Seeds hold life released by light. Flowers unfold deep soul in germination.   Such is life as it unfolds From seed to crypt. Genesis is not kind. We break free of the organ & in the pain of delivery, engage in battle.   A crust... Continue Reading →

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