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This poem is for a challenge at dVerse~Poets Pub to write a poem of 44 words (Quadrille) using the word ‘Keep’.

Keep is to cherish

as love undenied.

Keep is to perish

as vinegar from wine.

Keep is to guard

like gold bricks and silver.

Keep is too hard

if unsafe in the river.

Keep is for secrets

Not for surrender.

Keep is a keeper.

©Barbara Harris Leonhard, extraordinarysunshineweaver.blog

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Status: Unfriended

We took for granted those easy days,

believing in bonds, implicit contracts,

soul groups, & kinships. Hugs were warm

& kisses real. We could smell the hot coffee

brewing for the brunches.


Life…the miles…

left us in the wilderness

without food or drink or matches,

only emojis, tags, and Messenger.


We foraged & survived.

We still upheld each in

sickness & in health

with laughter, long chats,

likes, dislikes, loves, hearts,

birthday greetings & get-well wishes.


Then into the cloud, you suddenly leave,

a departure unannounced…unexpected.

An enigma now separates us

without the tough talk

that can actually heal us –



A quick impulse?

A quandary of loyalties?

A careless regard for our Light?

A boundary?





The vase that held our flower has smashed.

Can gold ever realign the deep rifts in this vessel?

Who will mop up the mess that is us?


Our paths split on the labyrinth –

Will this winding course ever lead us to

rediscovery and reclamation –

or to isolation?


We slip away from memories

as though Death claims us.

Shock & grief swell though

there is no memorial,

no grave to tend to.


All that is not aligned falls away.

Was this connection illusory?

Status: Unfriended. Heart Broken


©Barbara Harris Leonhard, extraordinarysunshineweaver.blog

Image: Pixabay.com