Dark Apostle

Rising shadows of flames, dressed in deep void, I arrive to burn the bramble of your complacent life. You hide inside this clay façade, live for self in idle pleasure, slumber in this carcass of addiction and desire.   I hold you down as you writhe in agony, thrive on your muffled screams. You smolder... Continue Reading →

Sink into Your Knowing

stone skipping over stream sinks into deep mysteries magical inner sight instincts     intuition magnificent sun fire blazing wisdom center earth rising in shimmering waves   "Sink into Your Knowing", revised an old post, 05/08/2020 ©Barbara Harris Leonhard@extraordinarysunshineweaver.blog Image “Center Earth Rising”: ©Martha Harris, Martha’s Artistic Flarings, artisticflarings.blog  

Sunday Best: saplings

FREE VERSE REVOLUTION chose my poem “A Rocky Start” as one of the top three for the weekly challenge Saplings. (UPDATE: This poem is archived - the link no longer works - because FREE VERSE REVOLUTION has a new literary magazine. If you wish to access this link, let me know.)

The Wound Still Waits

Recently published on phoebemd.com (PhoebeMD: Medicine + Poetry) as part of my article on infertility. https://phoebemd.com/2020/05/29/broken-womb-shattered-soul-living-with-infertility-part-3/ The Wound Still Waits The bandage torn From new flesh Releases wails The wound still Imbibes air The scab hides deep repair Let it rest. Wait In time the scar Records a fate ©Barbara Leonhard, extraordinarysunshineweaver.blog, meelosmom@podbean.com Image: “From... Continue Reading →

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