Not Alone

an illusion –
we’re always connected
by threads of light
dreamt and drawn –
this webbing cradles
our minds
our hearts
our souls
like bones
that form a whole –
we’re not alone –
if only we can see
our connections in time
and space
without squinting.

My poem and drawing are also up on The Wombwell Rainbow today, May 12, 2022. Paul Brookes offers a beautiful venue celebrating and honoring good causes. I met him in Twitter through Lynne Jensen Lampe, and we both enjoyed his poem-a-day challenge during poetry month this year. at times, it was a challenge! However, now I have a bundle of poems! Check out poets’ responses here –

Neurographica is a fairly new form of art therapy. You can learn about it here –

I’m currently taking the Basic User Course. I haven’t been able to stop drawing since I discovered Neurographica in April. I found many free videos on YouTube but decided to learn about the history, principles, and techniques with an instructor.

I feel transformed by this art therapy. I completed a 21-day transformation challenge on my anxiety and feel much calmer and lighter. My energy of worry is now a creative force. As you can see, I’m starting to combine the art with my poetry. I’m now completing a gratitude challenge, which will heal anger, the top layer of all suppressed emotions.

I can’t heal the world, only myself. If each of us heals ourselves, then we can have peace on earth.

Copyright Barbara Leonhard

9 thoughts on “Not Alone

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  1. I’ve lived here for 10 years, and I still consider myself a “Stranger in a Strange Land.” More than anything, that’s by choice. I may be a loner who enjoys solitary activities, but I still rely on that webbing, and it has many different strands – family, distant friends, and poets. I’ve felt connected to WordPress poets for some time, but my better-half is happy to see that I’ve also recently connected with local writers.

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    1. That’s wonderful, Ken! We all web and connect in so many ways. And being alone to recharge or other reasons is good. I like my time alone to write and draw. This pandemic has been hard on so many people who rely on social contacts. Suicides are up. People may feel isolated and lonely to the point of depression, forgetting we have so many connections. But because depression is debilitating, many can’t move past it.

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