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Wounds I Healed: A #1 Amazon Bestseller! — Experiments in Fiction

I am excited beyond words to announce that Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women is now the No.1 Bestselling New Release in Poetry Anthologies in both Paperback and Kindle formats: Chart-topping success!Thank you to everyone who has helped create a buzz around the launch of the anthology, and to all who have bought…

Wounds I Healed: A #1 Amazon Bestseller! — Experiments in Fiction

I hope you have a chance to view this poetry reading. I teared up hearing the powerful words. The stories were so emotional that some poets didn’t want to read their work, which is understandable, so I volunteered to read for them. Reading someone else’s poetry in their presence is both intimate and healing.

Anthologies like this one help us lift each other up and build community. Sharing our grief with the world is healing. These poets tell us we are not alone. I was able to see myself in many of the stories I heard at the anthology launch today. Poetry is indeed the memoir of the soul.