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MasticadoresUsa // Editor: Barbara Leonhard

MasticadoresUSA is looking for new submissions to chew on. We adore all those poets and writers who have filled our souls with sweet delicacies. A variety of poetry forms, prose poems, flash fiction, fiction, interviews, memoirs, reviews, and more. Surprise us at the potluck.

The summer months are lined up at the banquet table awaiting a menu of your delightful creations. Don’t be shy. Our readers are welcoming! In fact, as of this date, MasticadoresUSA has 56,000 + views and 20,000 + visitors. Your work will be seen and read.

But numbers don’t measure success, it’s our love of writing about what matters. It’s all about our soul work. Our creations touch lives. Build connections. And in a divided world, it’s the writers and poets who lend a healing hand and serve up meals of luscious wisdom to hold us all together.

Join us at the table! Submit your beautiful…

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  1. I just sent the poem and I have to write up the introduction for him so give me a couple minutes unless you don’t need it. I just thought it was a funny thing ever hope you do too

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