Thank you for viewing my posts. I am returning to my poetry writing and would like to share the poems with interested folks. Let me know how you like them. I am interested in self-publishing a book or e-book. Thank you for any feedback!

i write a book related to my years of teaching writing to international students at The University of Missouri. It’s called Discoveries in Academic Writing, still found on amazon.com.

I am also a huge fan of Tai Chi  Chuan and Qigong. I’m learning Yang Style, Sun Style, and Chen Style forms. I’ve worked with sticks, swords, and fans, as well.

I’m a Usui Reiki Master, and I love treating people with Reiki and training those who want to complete one or more levels of training. I’m also a Karuna Reiki practitioner looking for a teacher to give me my master level training.

I’m married to a great guy. Dierik Leonhard, who is a fantastic musician, a master of Blugrass music, Cajun music, and Country music. He has taught many people of all ages to  play banjo, fiddle, mandolin, and guitar. And he has a band that plays Blugrass (Ironweed Bluegrass Band), Cajun (Swampweed), and Country (Pigweed Vintage Country Band). I told him to form a rock bank called Weed! In fact, he is practicing rock fiddle tunes!

I have just retired from teaching English as Second Language and look forward to my creative writing adventures. I’ve been writing since I was eight. It was always challenging to write, go to school, work, and be present to family. Now that I’ve retired and able to take advantage of the Internet and Microsoft Word, I can compile my poetry and other writings. I hope you enjoy my work!







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