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Love is sacred energy

Shared for transmutation.

Give so that you may receive;

Receive so that you may give.

Bounty has no dam.

Kindness circles back to its source, for 

Its path is not that of an aimless arrow 

Slicing the air to hit an unseen target

Into the middle of nowhere.

Love flows unheeded.

The balanced heart can heal while

A blocked heart can not.

Every in breath has an out breath, and

Blood brings life unimpeded.

Joy both enriches and receives. 

Balance is a dance of gifts –

The gifts you present with lavish attention and 

Those you welcome with humility.

You are worthy of the love you give.

Do not be shy or retreat from your heart.

You deserve to be seen, and 

You deserve the joy of the love and healing

That you shower on all.

Allow that light into your heart.

Allow the love to return to your spirit

To be hewn into gold.

This lustrous, pure, hallow metallurgy

Of transformation is ascension.

As you share this treasure

So will it gain value

Each time it is returned to you,

And all will thrive on this infinite cycle

Of love and grace.

©Barbara Harris Leonhard @extraordinarysunshineweaver.blog

Image “Heartfelt” Original Digital Art ©Martha Harris. See Martha’s Artistic Flarings

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The Garden of Ashes


The Garden of Ashes

How nice you stopped by here

To sit among us.

Yes, it’s fine. Have a seat.

See the walkway of stones

To this worn bench under the trees

Surrounded by shrubs in this garden of ashes.

We offer you this cool breeze

And this view of a grand city of granite

Sheltered by canopies of

Stately pin oaks with branches like arms

Hugging families bearing flowers.

How nice you stopped by!

We come just for the guests.

This isn’t our abode now.

Not many linger;

We coax each other, yet

There are the stubborn.

Well, we shouldn’t gossip.

They just need time to detach

From their marble statues and earthly beds.

Mischief can be trouble, and

Kids come looking for it.

How some carry on!

They hear stories of the shadows

That perform for the cameras,

We find it entertaining, but

Most souls never linger really;

They like the amenities of the Light.

Even if you bless the stones,

It isn’t needed really.

We only come for your visits.


Copyright © August 9, 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard

Image: http://beautiful-naturewallpapers.blogspot.com/2013/02/peaceful-sceneries-wallpapers.html

Peaceful Sceneries Wallpapers 9



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The Jewel


There is no date of my passing

On this cold stone,

Only my one name.

Those were tough times

When etchings in granite

Cost diamonds.

My name was a jewel

Captured from a life

Gone with the waves of time, as I.

I recall not my arrival or departure

As this jewel,

For it’s been ages.

I have many names now

As I have come and gone

More than once.

For each earthly visit,

We all leave a snippet of our soul,

Waiting for a kind voice

Uttering our names,

And once heard, we gather ourselves up

Like flowers for a new display.

This is how it is.

Names are themselves souls.

So today I will gather myself up

For a new coming.

Thank you, my friend.


Copyright © August 8, 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard

Image: Pixabay     https://pixabay.com/en/shell-pearl-valuable-light-sand-1972980/

Shell, Pearl, Valuable, Light, Sand, Open, Jewellery






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New Audio: Twin Flames


Maybe the twin flame is the body.

This carriage of flesh and bone

Transporting the empress;

This fine leather purse

Guarding the treasure.

The clay vessel

Displaying roses.

The body, a self, one memory;

The treasure, a self, many memories yet

Two souls become entwined.

The candle; the flame.

The host; the guest.

The package; the gift.

Both in agreement as one receives the other,

Dissolving into its infant being

And yet they are so different.

For one is a temporal vessel easily chipped and broken;

The other, an old soul on many missions, indestructible.

For one, where there is discovery;

For the other, there is knowing and revelation.

For one, where there is desire;

For the other, there is manifestation.

For one, where there is Time connecting all pain;

For the other, there is only Now.

For one, there is slumber as life is a dream, an illusion;

For the other, there is awakening and enlightenment as life is a school.

One is a dense, heavy, carnal, earthly, transient being;

The other, a radiant, expansive, ethereal thought being from Source.

They are Cohabiting, yet so unique.

The purpose is to bring to fruition unconditional love

In the home and the spirit

On Earth.

These two beings, twin flames.

With the death of one, there is ongoing life for the other and yet

Grief for the loss of this mate of a different race

Until reuniting with the Light as a spectrum of thought, and then

Another journey to the flesh and bone of a chosen one.

For the other forever moves out from as well as back into the Light,

Merging with Ancient Kin as both One and Not One,

Living others’ stories and sharing its own reviews

Over many lifetimes.

As a guest to many hosts

On its ascension to full Truth,

Known as Source.


Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard

Image: Raggedy Ann and Andy  pinterest.com (Vogue cover)


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Mysterium Tremendum et Fascinosum

I spend my days following poems

Looking for that moment

When the doors of perception are cleansed,

Sparking revelation and

Contact with Sublime Mind,

Holding all records,

All moments,

All lives and souls,

All substance,

Visible and invisible,

All beings of light,

All vibrations and dimensions.

Take me through that door

Into the web of oneness and bliss.

Unmarked by the second hand

Of rotating, fixed time.

Unmarked by lingo and cultural artifacts.

If even for one moment of dissolving harmony

And all-knowing ecstasy,

Transcendence in light so bright and noetic

That it blinds to all truth, yet

Still reveals lasting contact and

Everlasting cleansing of

Mundane perception and pain,

The reconciliation of ego and soul,

The ascension into gratitude

While seeing through the eyes of God.


Inspired by

A Mystical Experience by Jason Silva with quotes by Otto Rank



Copyright © August 1, 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard

Image: Art Nouveau door


Another source is a good article in Vintage News:


The featured image: Art Nouveau masterpiece by architect Jules Lavirotte located in Paris. Author: Mark B. Schlemmer. CC BY 2.0.

My poem was also inspired by:

A Mystical Experience by Jason Silva with quotes by Otto Rank



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New Audio: Free Climber

You are the mountain;

I, the free climber,

In awe of you

And timid,

Yet I ascend.

Parts of you open.

My fingers and toes

Take foothold in

Your stoic rock face,

The backbone of your Spirit.

But I, too eager,

Unsteady, I slip,

No rope to spot my fall.

Harder, I grip;

Upward, I embrace

The expanse of you:

Cold slate, blue shadow,

Whispers of wind entwine us.

You have me against you.

I am you;

I am the peak of you,

All around us the stars.



© Copyright 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard

Image: google.com

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It is My Soul!

The candle light

From the stained glass lamp

Reflected on the walls

Like splashes of stars

Is the lantern to my heart:

It is my Soul.

My Soul is splintering light

Splashed on the shadows of my heart,

The Beacon for my Soul

As the light draws night.

My Soul was once a fading candle

Dripping wax on my heart

And crying out to be lit.

As I light my Soul,

The hues of night

Brighten into day.

What is this dawn?

It is my Soul!

The colors of my Soul

Are hues of purple, blue, and red:

All shades of white,

All shades of black,

All shades of shades.

Without this light,

Where can I go?

‘Where you end is

Where you start.’

Fear, my guide no more;

No rowing on restless waves

Of tears that drown my heart.

Anger set the sail once ago,

But she has met a higher power:

It is my Soul!

There is no map to show me where to go.

But there’s a lamp to light my way:

It is my Soul!

And angels, if you are there,

Please tell me so.

Without this light,

Where can I go?

‘Where you end is

Where you start.’

I’ve never been alone

Though I have felt so,

Letting go my Soul.

And all my grief

Was from this point.

As I denied myself

For others’ sake.

So begins my journey

Out of harm and pain

To live and laugh again.

My Soul, my friend,

So long forgotten,

Now awakened

To the sound of my heart rising

Like the sun

On a crisp morning,

Ready to sail the heavens

On waves of heat,

Evaporating grief

And bitter dreams

From that long, dark night

Of running

From my Soul.

          This spirit song represents the turmoil we often feel as we struggle to find our way to the divine. We must make the choice to affirm our Spirit and invoke it to deliver us to the truth: that by seeking the divine, we find ourselves.

Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard

Image: http://karenxavsphotography.blogspot.com/2011/07/candle-light.html