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Avoiding the Tragedy: A Look into Disease Prevention

The final section of my article on measles encephalitis published by phoebemd.com. Thank you, Phoebe!

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By Barbara Leonhard | Featured Contributor

Part 1 – Hope Was Not a Loss: A Story About Measles Encephalitis
Part 2 – Learning How to Walk Again: Barbara’s Story

Back in 1957, the year I almost died from the measles, my parents—unlike the parents of today—did not have to face the choice of vaccination, because there was no vaccine in existence (it wasn’t introduced until several years later, in 1963).

Therefore, it was important for me to share my experience with this condition because of the great controversy that currently exists over vaccines in general, and particularly the measles vaccine. Far too many children are not getting vaccinated against measles and other diseases owing to perceived risks, so now measles has returned as a virulent threat worldwide.

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Podcast Measles Encephalitis: Hope Was Not a Loss

I have a new poetry podcast up on the topic of my case of measles encephalitis, which paralyzed me and almost killed when I was 6 going on 7. I went into a coma, had a near death experience, and recovered my ability to speak but not walk, I defied conventional medical wisdom of the time and taught myself how to walk again at the age of 7.

I include a poem I wrote about my choice to walk again. “Hope Was Not a Loss”, which was named Barista Favorite on Go Dog Go Cafe in February 2018. FREE VERSE REVOLUTION also published this poem in November last year.

I hope this podcast helps raise awareness about the importance of the measles vaccine. There was no measles vaccine in 1957, when I literally fell ill with encephalitis because my legs gave out from under me.

I also address the coronavirus COVID- 19, for which there is no vaccine yet. COVID-19 and measles are dangerous viruses, so we need to make choices that keep our children and other loved ones safe. Not just family, but neighbors and the community, the state, the country, the world. We are all connected. Viruses know no boundaries, as we can see from the spread of this coronavirus as well as from measles. 

The featured image shows me at 5 years  old, unaware that one year later, I would be fighting for my life.

Please take a listen. Then save a life.



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