The Song of River Grass by Barbara Leonhard

The Song of River Grass by Barbara Leonhardsite: Seedlings in spring,tall grasses in summer sun. We swish … The Song of River Grass by Barbara Leonhard My gratitude to Gabriela Marie Milton, editor for MasticadoresUSA for publishing my poem and video! I’m bending the moon to learn new skills, like creating videos for YouTube.... Continue Reading →

An Imperfect Bride

Let’s go! It’s time! Now!? I’m still in my floral blue knit night gown, plum-colored sweatshirt, & baby doll slippers from Walmart! No one will see you or care. Not important. An uncharged phone? A half-packed purse? Uncompleted morning duties? I gather myself, an imperfect bride, for the trip. I view trees in autumn attire... Continue Reading →

Fall Flurries

Fall Flurries The autumn bounty of leaves falling like rain on summer's worn garden mounting into sturdy bundles as we rake away this harvest into recreation for children bounding into the crisp pillows scattering with joy the frazzled bits of foliage into fresh ground for snow and angels’ wings. ©2018 Barbara Harris Leonhard Image: “Fall... Continue Reading →


Sunset Sun slumbering into snow dogs, Pin oaks guarding their leaves, Fading attachments to their caregiver, Eyes of moon, Skin of ash, Cramping fingers, Clinging to comfort with Their refuge in bitter wind. Leaves take to faith Though ripped from the branches And swept away for flight To earthen mulch. And beds for worms. ©2018... Continue Reading →

Sleep Chose Me

Sleep Chose Me Sleep chose me To take this walk on crisp leaves Smothered by frost. Colors, thread bare faces, Glassy lattice in sun, Forming halos for owls As shade dissolves into moonlight, Magical stasis. Linger here in truth, Alone with feathers of snow Clinging briefly to crystal, Blazing its fire, Sizzling in waves of... Continue Reading →

This New Earth

    This New Earth The summer harvest Has been reaped To feed our souls. The last bounty gone To the dust of leaves, Clinging to the mother branch Until the swirling breeze Seizes them for the ground To heal the soil, dried From August drought.   One last fruit, Grateful for the light, Ferociously... Continue Reading →

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