Poetry Podcast – Seeking Light: Mindful Presence

Hello, everyone, I have a new memoir up on my poetry podcast called Seeking Light: Mindful Presence. This memoir reveals how poets seek light, the mindful presence, in their poetry.  Being present to the NOW fosters insights and promotes healing. https://meelosmom.podbean.com/e/seeking-light-mindful-presence/ “Poetry: The Memoir of the Soul”     https://meelosmom.podbean.com/ (If you have the Podbean app,... Continue Reading →

The Timeless Now

The Timeless Now May you trust and be In the present moment, but When is the Now? Each second shades to the past. Each second greets the next! When is the Now? Now is the space between Then and Next. The stillness between each breath. Elusive, and yet, luminous. Not Today. Not This Week. Not... Continue Reading →

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