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My Eyes Bleed

My eyes bleed

To the raw horror

Of children cut down while fleeing

The coward’s aim.

When the one who would be

His brother

Lies dying,

When the warm-hearted gather

In trust and prayer,

Defenseless to the monster, 

Who will be a victor only

In his own Hell,

For he knows not the truth

Of love incarnate,

Of love of us all connected

As one soul, one body.

His blind will, his dark, cold prison.

His heart, a thing of drought. 

Their pain, the searing fire,

The betrayed gazes of death.

Will he come to know that pain?

Will he come to feel that pain?

Will he come to see that pain

As his own?

©Barbara Harris Leonhard @extraordinarysunshineweaver.blog

Image: Original Digital Art, “Heaven’s Gate” ©Martha Harris   See Martha’s Artistic Flarings @artisticflarings.blogt

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When I first found you,

I thought you were the real deal,

Handsome and of means.

Your mystery and promises

Of jewelry and charitable contributions,

Maybe even a luscious meal with fine wine.

Your credentials looked superb at first glance.

How no one had found you before

Is beyond me, but there you were,

Out there where all could see and in my grasp.

I felt blessed for my good works perhaps or

Just my generous nature, attracting value.

I kept you hidden, my treasure!

How I bragged about my new love!

Friends and family celebrating this bond we made –

No one had ever found such a prize just by chance! –

Until we discovered your true worth

Upon scrutiny as it unfolded!

Your heart, counterfeit;

Our love, a sham!

How duped I was by your smile and

Those eyes, your vivid presence;

Your charisma was regal;

Your sources, trusted;

Your history, infallible!

I was blind and hopeful that the treasure was authentic;

My dreams were shattered by your fake demeanor,

A mere cheap costume!

My fall from grace hit me hard.

You are but a cheap imitation.

Those eyes, mocking slits,

Your smile, a sneer!

My love, a low and vile scoundrel in waiting

For an innocent soul.


Copyright© 2017/11/08 Barbara Harris Leonhard                                     @extraordinarysunshine weaver.wordpress.com

Image: The fake 100-dollar bill printed by the United Stars of Halloween. I found this folded up on grass along a pathway I was walking on and trying to clean up just to be a good citizen. I felt pretty excited and told everyone I had found 100 dollars! Well, upon closer examination if the bill, I found It was just paper. I was so disappointed and, of course, embarrassed that I hadn’t been more discerning in my excitement. The whole incident reminded me of love gone wrong out of in-authenticity.