Bloom as I take root on this plane may I receive the healing light of all that is divine may heaven meet earth through me to transmute the crusted fear that traps me in brambles may I grow my destiny without ego mind may I fully trust the divine order that teaches only love may I... Continue Reading →


The Light is coming in to heal the curse of Ego. As we stand aside, we feel the mighty force of Cosmic Light. It feels like we are losing our minds or that our faces are being shorn off. This is a painful, visceral upheaval. We feel turned inside out and upside down. We are... Continue Reading →


Ego Self-regard is essential for growth of love, But ego can consume the soul of the one And the soul of the all If left to weed. This is the time to tend the garden. Let not rain to storm Nor bounty to spoil For the sake of self alone. Fruit is to share, not squander.... Continue Reading →

The Sea Tree

The Sea Tree With trepidation, I set off Through the fierce waves That clash around my feet. I feel uprooted from Such a long journey.   The salty broth sweeps me Along the green wetness; Misty are my memories Tossed behind Like dead leaves, Those other days.   And now I am gone Not as... Continue Reading →

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