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Join Me

Join Me


Come, friends,

Join me at the table.

It’s time to retreat,

To seek sanctuary,

To cloister and rest

In soul voice,


Tis’ the season

To mature spirit,

To melt the ice of fear

As we make a fire of gratitude

With flames searing skyward

In highest prayer,

Grace-filled litany,

Cleansing, preparing, refining,

Galvanizing diamond mind,

As flames sear up from root to crown,

Our crucibles

Cleansed in

God’s alchemy.

Winter’s slumber, a quickening.

Come, friends,

Join me,





©2018 Barbara Harris Leonhard @extraordinarysunshineweaver.blog

Image, My Patio: ©Barbara Harris Leonhard

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The Space Between

The Space Between

The space between

Holds its form

When we touch, for

There is no touch, just

The space between,

Vacuous space,

Our molecules floating,

Suspended in God’s exhalation,

Expanding to hold our souls.

Our touch, an illusion of stars,

Cosmic molecules reaching through

Our heat, that Breath of

The Fire of First Light.

The space between,


Copyright© 2017/10/31 Barbara Harris Leonhard @extraordinarysunshineweaver.wordpress.com

Image: from The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo Buonarotti  http://www.italianrenaissance.org/michelangelo-creation-of-adam/

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New Audio: Fire Dragon

Hello, the original poem can be found in my June or July 2017 archives.

Some browsers may not support the audio. I can’t play them on Avast SafeZone or Microsoft Edge. However, Google, Google Chrome, Chromium, and Mozilla Foxfire seem to work.


Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard

Image: http://www.textures.com/Fire-Textures/



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Fire Dragon

Dry twigs crackle hot

embers glimmer at the core

dragon loves its wood


Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard

Image: http://www.texturex.com/Fire-Textures/