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The Garden of Thoughts

The Garden of Thoughts

The garden of thoughts planted in spring

Still struggles if not managed.

Seeds bearing the fruit of life in shade and sun,

Nurturing bees and monarchs, can become

Tangled with weeds and eaten by blight.

Thoughts sustained by dew and noon rains

Can be forgotten and neglected by autumn light as

Thoughts blooming and stretching for sun

Can shrivel, scorched by drought in time

If the gardener takes leave

Of the rake, spade, and bucket, or

Lacks the wisdom of soils and seedlings.

Too much sun is unkind to bleeding heart.

If left in the field, pumpkins rot.

Honeysuckle makes a home in the untended mind.

Hostas thrive if transplanted but

Shred to decay if neglected.

Bees can’t thrive on blight.

Though seasons change,

The garden can still be tended by the earth and

Made ready for the next planting

If tilled and nurtured properly.

The gardener’s harvest can be of bounty and bliss

Or mindless bramble

In his garden of thoughts.


Copyright© September 7, 2017  Barbara Harris Leonhard

Image: Pixabay




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The Simple

The simple

And the ordinary

Hold the truth.

Small caches

Of memories

Forming the matter

Of our lives.

Like fireflies

Born to blaze yet dim

In a spark.

Lit fiercely,

These tiny fires of

Simple knowing

Trace our days

Into glorious years

That lapse into


How we sleep


Not seeing the treasure

Of the mundane.

Copyright 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard

Image:  my garden


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Mud Maid

Fair lady dressed in

Moss and lichens,

A perch for owls.

Luscious grasses, your hair.

You take the path on Heligan for

A long nap in the sun and

Dreams of timeless nights,

Though it is written,

“Don’t come here to sleep or slumber.”



Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard

Image: Mud Maid in the lost gardens of Heligan  Sculptor: Susan Hill


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Back to a Sleep with Oneness

Rain embracing succulent earth,

Feeding her star seeds

Planted by moonlight fingers

Extending to meadows and hatchlings

Crying for their banquet.

Gardens bursting with harvest

Springing from tender sprouts

And forest saplings.

Clouds lifting mists

Delivered to the sun

Back to a sleep with oneness

Until a new day.



Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard