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Sink into Your Knowing

stone skipping over stream

sinks into deep mysteries

magical inner sight

instincts     intuition

magnificent sun

fire blazing wisdom

center earth rising

in shimmering waves


“Sink into Your Knowing”, revised an old post, 05/08/2020

©Barbara Harris

Image “Center Earth Rising”: ©Martha Harris, Martha’s Artistic Flarings,


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Top bunk, pen in hand,

Leaves outside my window

Stirred by the wind,

Nature, my journal.

Walks in solitude;

People talking in verse.

Walks with words

And songs written in a pasture.

Stories with sad endings;

Poems with rhyme; people talking in verse,

Dialogues with images of life fragments,

Searching for the meter – and my place.

Moments away from service,

A return to poems of trees.



Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard