The Timeless Now

The Timeless Now May you trust and be In the present moment, but When is the Now? Each second shades to the past. Each second greets the next! When is the Now? Now is the space between Then and Next. The stillness between each breath. Elusive, and yet, luminous. Not Today. Not This Week. Not... Continue Reading →

It is My Soul!

This spirit song represents the turmoil we often feel as we struggle to find our way to the divine. We must make the choice to affirm our Spirit and invoke it to deliver us to the truth: that by seeking the divine, we find ourselves.

I Am a Revolution

I wrote this poem on a silent retreat as I was pondering whether to complete master-level training in Reiki. I was wondering if my father, who had passed away, would approve. Though he was a minister, he and my mother did not fully understand my metaphysical side. In this meditation, I was told I would meet my highest guide. Down the path came my dad beaming, so I thought he was my highest guide. But then, he stepped aside.....

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