Ode to the Wounds by Barbara Harris Leonhard — MasticadoresUsa // Editora: Gabriela Marie Milton

My gratitude to Gabriela Marie Milton for publishing my poem today! Thank you for reading and sharing comments! I appreciate all of you! image: Pixabay by KELLEPICS Ode to the Wounds by Barbara Harris Leonhard https://www.extraordinarysunshineweaver.blog.@BarbaraLeonhar4 The stabs, jabs, stinging words.The betrayals yoked to the neck.The grief planking the lost heart. The abandonment stretchedinto the... Continue Reading →


Rice cooks, sheaths burst, steam rises for sacral birth.   Seeds hold life released by light. Flowers unfold deep soul in germination.   Such is life as it unfolds From seed to crypt. Genesis is not kind. We break free of the organ & in the pain of delivery, engage in battle.   A crust... Continue Reading →

My Eyes Bleed

My eyes bleed To the raw horror Of children cut down while fleeing The coward’s aim. When the one who would be His brother Lies dying, When the warm-hearted gather In trust and prayer, Defenseless to the monster,  Who will be a victor only In his own Hell, For he knows not the truth Of... Continue Reading →


The Light is coming in to heal the curse of Ego. As we stand aside, we feel the mighty force of Cosmic Light. It feels like we are losing our minds or that our faces are being shorn off. This is a painful, visceral upheaval. We feel turned inside out and upside down. We are... Continue Reading →

What Do You Do?

What Do You Do? What do you do For a homeless soul, Flailing in the dissipating self, Swallowing night air, Gasping for breath as though Seized by swarms as they Emerge in their flight To cloud-capped ridges Of thunder slapping The weary heart Locked in despair? The Eye sees; The One knows.   Copyright© 2017/12/04... Continue Reading →

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