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The Garden of Thoughts

The Garden of Thoughts

The garden of thoughts planted in spring

Still struggles if not managed.

Seeds bearing the fruit of life in shade and sun,

Nurturing bees and monarchs, can become

Tangled with weeds and eaten by blight.

Thoughts sustained by dew and noon rains

Can be forgotten and neglected by autumn light as

Thoughts blooming and stretching for sun

Can shrivel, scorched by drought in time

If the gardener takes leave

Of the rake, spade, and bucket, or

Lacks the wisdom of soils and seedlings.

Too much sun is unkind to bleeding heart.

If left in the field, pumpkins rot.

Honeysuckle makes a home in the untended mind.

Hostas thrive if transplanted but

Shred to decay if neglected.

Bees can’t thrive on blight.

Though seasons change,

The garden can still be tended by the earth and

Made ready for the next planting

If tilled and nurtured properly.

The gardener’s harvest can be of bounty and bliss

Or mindless bramble

In his garden of thoughts.


Copyright© September 7, 2017  Barbara Harris Leonhard

Image: Pixabay




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Prowling cats,

hidden fairies –

sun night


Copyright © July 18, 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard





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New Audio: Birth

Hello, I’ve been creating audio of my earlier work on WordPress. Although I am updating the blogs, they are not republished.  I thought I’d try posting some of the new audio. I love the sound of poetry read. Here is Birth, which I  published last month in June. You can find the post there.

While everyone has a different interpretation of a poem, for me, this spirit song shows hope in loss. Sometimes we fear loss, which causes grief and anger. However, though our losses, such as the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, and the loss of any opportunity, we are changed. The most obvious changes may include a change of residence, a change of financial standing, or a change in status. More deeply, however, our spiritual alchemy is transformed. On the dark side, if we resist or fear change, we may become depressed, distrusting, or anxious. On the other hand, if we accept the flow of events surrounding the life change we are facing and if we reach out to the divine, the transformation we experience has the power to heal us.

The spirit speaking to me here tells us that in our transitions, whatever they are, we are not alone but carried through the process of change by the divine and reborn. Change begins with our taking the way shown, that path of light which is the source of our transformation. We are coaxed along by those who are our guardians, who deliver us to the divine, and the reawakening, which can be as sudden and loud as a slapping wave on the sea side, is ultimately a source of joy if we accept this process without fear.

Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard



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Top bunk, pen in hand,

Leaves outside my window

Stirred by the wind,

Nature, my journal.

Walks in solitude;

People talking in verse.

Walks with words

And songs written in a pasture.

Stories with sad endings;

Poems with rhyme; people talking in verse,

Dialogues with images of life fragments,

Searching for the meter – and my place.

Moments away from service,

A return to poems of trees.



Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard