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The Birth of Tai Ji


Wu Ji is Source.

Stillness, the Void,

No thing, Nothing.

The Essence

And Yuan Qi (Original Qi).

The Grand Ultimate.

The space void between Qian and Kun,

Pure Yang and Pure Yin.

The Essence

Tai Chi Chuan

Yang (Movement) and Yin (Stillness),

The Supreme Polarity.

The One plus The Two beget Life as

Source breathes the Ten Thousand Things and so

Tai Ji, The Grand Extreme, and so

Tai Ji begets Tai Ji Chuan.


Essence begets Qi,

Qi begets Spirit,

Spirit begets Void,

Void begets Essence.

Essence begets Qi,

Qi begets Spirit,

Spirit begets Void,

Void begets Essence.

This is the Great Mystery.


I am sorry about so many spelling differences in my poems about Tai Chi. Qi and Ji are Chi. I wrote this poem after reading Sun Lutang’s book on Taiji. His life story is fascinating. He was a scholar of the I-Ching and Doaism. Let me know if this poem needs details. I don’t feel this one is finished.

© 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard



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Tao Play



When they come to you,

They are but seeds,

Seeking redemption

In Tao play.

Taking their positions,

Centering in Wu Chi,

Nurtured by white cranes’

Wings and sparrows tails

Of which they knew

Little before they found Chi,

Embraced in a ball,

Encompassed by Tao.

They take to quarrels

With monkeys and prevail,

Warding off their fears

And sending them flying.

Seeds take sprout unfolding

In the light of the horizon

Through the temple gates

Out of the shadows of their lives.

Listening, they see

They are vessels receiving

And giving sustenance

From the source of life.

They sprout new growth

In swords and fans

And are lifted out of

Their birth place to new ground.

They find the balance

In all Forms, which,

When done to perfection,

Will make them immortal.

This poem was written to commemorate Kenny Greene’s 60th birthday. He has taught Tai Chi Chuan here in Columbia, Missouri for years for free. Many of us, and the classes are growing, have learned a great deal from Kenny not just about Tai Chi Chuan but also about community. He has received several awards for his service to our community. If you try to discuss politics with hum, he says, Grow your garden. He’s growing his garden and not getting caught up in negativity. He leads by example. He is also forever giving and unselfish. Someone in class today felt so behind by missing two Chen Tai Chi Chuan classes taught by Arthur Du, and Kenny told him to come by his shop. He would catch him up.  We indeed owe a great deal to Kenny Greene! Here I am reading my poem at his party. Kenny is in the background.



© 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard