“Re-Create & Celebrate: A Review” by Barbara Leonhard

Friends, my latest review is about Cindy Georgakas’ book, Re-Create & Celebrate (EIF – Experiments in Fiction), launching on May 20, 2023, on Amazon. This review is published on MasticadoresUSA. Follow this link. I hope the review motivates you to purchase her inspiring new book!

MasticadoresUsa // Editor: Barbara Leonhard

Note: This review is best read online or on the WordPress app, not the Jetpack app, which destroys the view. Cindy Georgakas’ new book, Re-Create & Celebrate (EIF - Experiments in Fiction, 2023), definitely fits the theme. The book is a manual for the soul. I wish I had had this book when I was young. It offers the tools which I eventually discovered by trial and error and which enabled me to overcome moderate depression, a depression that I now believe was triggered by my fear of expressing my authentic self without losing others’ love and respect. I feel there is a drive in this culture to conform to others’ expectations, to stifle one’s voice for fear of standing out as odd. The tendency to bully those who don’t conform is prominent. Georgakas offers ways for people to nurture the courage to stand in their truth by examining their…

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