Sleep Chose Me

Sleep Chose Me Sleep chose me To take this walk on crisp leaves Smothered by frost. Colors, thread bare faces, Glassy lattice in sun, Forming halos for owls As shade dissolves into moonlight, Magical stasis. Linger here in truth, Alone with feathers of snow Clinging briefly to crystal, Blazing its fire, Sizzling in waves of... Continue Reading →

This New Earth

    This New Earth The summer harvest Has been reaped To feed our souls. The last bounty gone To the dust of leaves, Clinging to the mother branch Until the swirling breeze Seizes them for the ground To heal the soil, dried From August drought.   One last fruit, Grateful for the light, Ferociously... Continue Reading →


I whisper this soul song in pale amber light, strong and spiraling flakes of snow across the heart like sweet ice rain over gray, blue night. I whisper like a chick can sing for seed or a baby coo for warm milk. There's no autumn, for the leaves have fallen down the slopes to the... Continue Reading →

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