Sunday Best: saplings

FREE VERSE REVOLUTION chose my poem “A Rocky Start” as one of the top three for the weekly challenge Saplings. (UPDATE: This poem is archived - the link no longer works - because FREE VERSE REVOLUTION has a new literary magazine. If you wish to access this link, let me know.)

A Rocky Start

Sapling, you shoot roots in the shallow bucket engorged with sharp bits of seed hulls left by the squirrels, picked at by cardinals.   Your tender, slender stem, elongated spine, extends from cracked dirt in a clay flower pot, the old home of an expired aloe vera plant. Can your trunk   lengthen and thicken... Continue Reading →

Sleep Chose Me

Sleep Chose Me Sleep chose me To take this walk on crisp leaves Smothered by frost. Colors, thread bare faces, Glassy lattice in sun, Forming halos for owls As shade dissolves into moonlight, Magical stasis. Linger here in truth, Alone with feathers of snow Clinging briefly to crystal, Blazing its fire, Sizzling in waves of... Continue Reading →

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