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Seeking the boundary 

To cross over to new self

Grief ensues in changes 

In between two selves

As one face is shorn

For the other and

Old ways expire but


Death is an illusion as 

One self is torn away and

Transfigured into a new mystery



Butterfly, the math for transformation

Two sides to the equation

Both in perfect summation

Symmetrical wings

Lifting each self into

One and the same soul


The face of the soul

Is faceted 

From one life to a new one

The grotesque becomes magnificent

In its symmetry 

The soul grows through grief

Into gossamer wings


One soul

Two selves

One is shed for


And the other

Ascends out of 



©Barbara Harris Leonhard

Digital art “Duality” ©Martha Harris See Martha’s Artistic Flarings

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Mysterium Tremendum et Fascinosum

I spend my days following poems

Looking for that moment

When the doors of perception are cleansed,

Sparking revelation and

Contact with Sublime Mind,

Holding all records,

All moments,

All lives and souls,

All substance,

Visible and invisible,

All beings of light,

All vibrations and dimensions.

Take me through that door

Into the web of oneness and bliss.

Unmarked by the second hand

Of rotating, fixed time.

Unmarked by lingo and cultural artifacts.

If even for one moment of dissolving harmony

And all-knowing ecstasy,

Transcendence in light so bright and noetic

That it blinds to all truth, yet

Still reveals lasting contact and

Everlasting cleansing of

Mundane perception and pain,

The reconciliation of ego and soul,

The ascension into gratitude

While seeing through the eyes of God.


Inspired by

A Mystical Experience by Jason Silva with quotes by Otto Rank


Copyright © August 1, 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard

Image: Art Nouveau door


Another source is a good article in Vintage News:

The featured image: Art Nouveau masterpiece by architect Jules Lavirotte located in Paris. Author: Mark B. Schlemmer. CC BY 2.0.

My poem was also inspired by:

A Mystical Experience by Jason Silva with quotes by Otto Rank