I am crying for the Amazon because the loss of animal life and the trees is devastating. This poem honors our forests, the arms of the Goddess, still reaching out to us though we forget who she is, our dear Mother Earth. The way goes deep into these dark woods. Your Mag-lit blinks as shadows... Continue Reading →

The Poet Dreamer

 The Poet Dreamer Our lives are nights bereft of cogent dreams, Sleep of light thought of lines of poems Forgotten upon rising. We are poets searching for truth in all dimensions Much less our own lives, Our greatest dream and illusion.   The mind plays tricks as symbols contest each other In active play as... Continue Reading →

Manifest Love!

Manifest Love! Fear is deforming; Love is transforming. To change your view, Change your eyes. When one heart changes, So do all. Empower Soul; Empower Love! Copyright© Barbara Harris Leonhard Image: “Fulfilled Heart” digital art ©Martha Harris See Martha's Artistic Flarings  

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