Wombwell Rainbow Interviews: Walter Bargen — The Wombwell Rainbow

-Walter Bargen (Amazon bio) has published 25 books of poetry. Recent books include: THE FEAST (BkMk Press at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, 2004), DAYS LIKE THIS ARE NECESSARY (BkMk Press at the University of Missouri- Kansas City, 2009), TROUBLE BEHIND GLASS DOORS (BkMk Press at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, 2013), Too Quick for the […]paulWombwell... Continue Reading →

Memoirs of Walter Bargen, Missouri’s First Poet Laureate

I have uploaded an episode featuring Walter Bargen to my poetry podcast, Poetry: The Memoir of the Soul. You can access it here. https://meelosmom.podbean.com/e/memoirs-of-walter-bargen/ This episode features poems by Walter Bargen, who is Missouri’s first poet laureate. I read from Days Like This Are Necessary: New & Selected Poems, Trouble Behind Glass Doors, and Pole... Continue Reading →

Podcast Water: The Sacral Way

Enjoy this exploration of the sacral way of water. Our steady and constant companion in various forms throughout the year, water reflects our creativity as well as our turmoil. Our emotional states are revealed in the many faces of water. https://meelosmom.podbean.com/e/water-the-sacral-way/ I share my poems “Listen to the Prayers of Snow”, “Be as Water”, and... Continue Reading →

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