Reflections & Revelations has PUBLISHED!! — I Write Her

I wrote a blurb for this new anthology just out from Susi Bocks – I Write Her. It’s part of the book forward.

When you read Reflections & Revelations (The Short of It Publishing Volume 2 – 2022), you bear witness to each poet’s deeply intimate thoughts on life condensed into tight and concise verses, such as haiku. Through these poems, you feel a part of humanity at its best and worse as the poets cry out for inclusion, compassion, and empathy in the face of discrimination, enslavement, and abuse. Through their metaphors of nature, we share our story as it unfolds on earth all the way up into the stars; we all are one experiencing the many facets of love, grief, loss, desire, passion, lust, fear, and shame. Our hearts are either fulfilled by memories of loved ones or broken by the bitter aftertaste of familial harm, but inner strength prevents our self-destruction. Though disabled, our soul resists self-pity. Throughout the book, we see the cry for intimacy, connection, and healing. It takes great skill to examine universal truths in tiny, beautiful verses and prose poems, and these poets will not disappoint. 

— Barbara Harris Leonhard

Author, Three-Penny Memories: A Poetic Memoir (EIF – Experiments in Fiction, 2022)

Original image by Majid Rangraz as featured on Unsplash After many months of diligent work, the moment has finally arrived! The paperback version is available on NOW!! If you’re interested in getting a copy, please CLICK THIS LINK! It may take a little time to populate on the foreign Amazon sites, but be patient; […]

Reflections & Revelations has PUBLISHED!! — I Write Her

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