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A Patchwork

Life’s a patchwork

displayed in a frame,

spanning years stopped short

by weathered cloth


Patches stained red,

glorious births, broken hearts,

flower beds lined in ivy, weeded

and preened from Sunday’s best


Snippets of joy

from gowns deceased,

treasured pants, wool for winter,

old work made warm


Edged, frayed

tears, stained in the grain

bliss, the insulator

binding the layers


Thread, seeking out

Heirlooms and memories,

bound by practical choices

and holy thoughts


Patches, gathered like

crops for canning,

blended with gossip,

laughter and prayer


By steady hands of friends and family,

bearing needles like swords,

seaming tight the truth

for others to know.


Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard





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