Nomination for Publication of the Month of May on Spillwords.

I am honored and delighted to have a poem up for Publication of the Month of May on Spillwords. Recently I posted the poem “Visiting a Children’s Memorial Garden”, which is now among the top trending posts. Please continue to to read my poem. Please note, you need to register and/or login to... Continue Reading →

My Wacky Friend, Grief by Nolcha Fox and Barbara Leonhard — Hotel

Thank you, Juan Re Crivello, for publishing this collaboration written by myself (right aligned) and Nolcha Fox (left aligned). Such fun! I find her in my attic rummaging through an old cedar chest filled with broken hearts. She’s donned Mom’s silky wedding dress. But on her head,  Grandpa’s  fedora. Her shoes, Grandma’s slippers. In her... Continue Reading →

“Happiness is an elephant” by Nolcha Fox (and My Review of Fox’s Book, ‘Memory is that raccoon’) — MasticadoresUsa // Editor: Barbara Leonhard

Nolcha Fox is a prolific and entertaining poet! I was honored to review her book “Memory is that raccoon”, which contains the poem featured here. Enjoy! Happiness is an elephant sitting in the best chair, hogging the remote. I can only feed him peanuts and vacuum when he goes to the refrigerator for a... Continue Reading →

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