I Call to the Dawn

I am wasted by the weather

In a hastened death by wind,

Surrounded by a dream cloud gray,

And made to rest in the rain.


The umber bark of night limbs listen

To my fevered songs of lonely truth,

Which the stars do not grasp in sight,

And I feel for a sign of God.


So I turn to the meadow

And search in the moonlight.

I appease the black bird

To release the white.


At last, I find a tortuous path;

My footsteps deep in fog so thick

That I barely see it nudging me

At my side, the Dawn.


I call to the Dawn

And hold it tenderly.

It opens so softly;

I feel its vast stillness.


I tiptoe silently

Through and beyond

Each misty droplet

On its dewy plain.


Then as my hand slices

Its crystal breath,

I reach to kiss

The morning haze.


Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard

Image: https://www.pixelstalk.net/foggy-forest-backgrounds-free-download/



9 thoughts on “I Call to the Dawn

Add yours

  1. the dew drops… my tears
    contagious… tread carefully
    unrequited love
    the dawn hears your call
    holds your hand… guides you
    its silence… your peace
    I thank you
    for your follow… please note
    I followed you too
    your poetry
    I love it… write on
    please… encore

    Liked by 1 person

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