Behold “The President”

Behold ”The President”

How stately you are!

Of ancient Earth,

You were born

And so you live with the

Integrity of Mother Earth

And stature of Father Time

In God’s garden.

We are but specks to your grandeur.

Your massive significance,

Your full crown hidden,

Invisible by your omnipresence,

Takes us skyward

To our conscience and


Though struck by lightning,

You are indestructible.

Overseer of those in triumph and

Those in sorrow and need,

Our caretaker, you harbor our souls.

All life is your Congress.

Your roots, sustaining us

With sacred water.

Your branches, a refuge,

Calling all to your arms.

Your leaves, our pantry,

Bounty for the needy.

Your breath, purifying our spirits

And honing our souls.

A historical icon, yet you are humble.

How then, could men come at you

With axes and saws?

How could they deplete you for profit

And squander your worth and reputation?

These tiny minions made miniature

By your esteem

And massive shadow?

Who are they who would

Wrestle life from your rooms

And steal from your larder?

You are not theirs to pilfer by deceit.

But those who despoil you,

Have they forgotten

Who you are?



ANGS Picture ID:1507300


Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard






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