I Am Secrets

I am Secrets,

Slumbering here by the creek,

Sunlight hitting my rainbow heart

As I glisten like a blanket

Over my bed of grass and lady fern,

Not surrendering though they beckon:

It’s time for you now

To spring into hope and truth.


I am Secrets.

All my treasures gone to ash,

Leaving me with lapping waters

As I cling onto my soil, said

Trampled by those arriving

To skip rocks

Or capture frogs,

Crooning for mates.


I am Secrets.

Caught here as food

For the rushes.

Rooted soul, I cling

Like ivy to a cold stone wall.

But a whisper to those searching

Throughout time turned into past

And dead memories.


Willows weeping,

Casting shadows on my crib

Quilted in riparian,

Visited by butterflies

Loving my nectar and blooms

Of my camouflage

And seclusion.

I am Secrets.


Copyright © July 28, 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard

Image: pixabay




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      1. This was a difficult one for us as well. An easy way to find out which Luckily I just so happened to stumble upon is click on “reader” top of page, and in the search bar type in the names of any followers you have or bloggers that you have engaged with that you would like to nominate. when you do, in the right upper corner it will say how many followers they have.

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      2. Oh I forgot, you’ll see a list of that person’s blog posts under the search bar, click on their name on any one of those post and it will then pull up a preview of their page with their follower count in the right hand corner

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      1. Yes, that’s what I imagined. I’m trying to simplify and focus on writing. I’ve been putting it off and taking on too many other things. Now I’m at the point when I can write again. Having a blog is still new to me, so I’m exploring how people develop their sites. Competition is good. Just getting my bearings. 😊

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