Listen to My Story

I was only a teen who had no sense.

That’s why I’m here

In this spot under the trees.

Won’t they forget me?

I’m looking for them to tell them

I am here and

Just to say my name

One last time.

Why was I so senseless?

The clouds took me too soon.

I listened to the wrong tunes,

Dark, pounding, impudent.

Now I am lost.

Can you help me?

Where can I go?

Is that the door?

I’m just a kid with no sense.

How was I supposed to know

What would happen?

I can’t get past their tears.

They hold me tight.

How can I break free?

Where is God?

No, don’t leave me; listen to my story.

I’ll be fine and find my way

If my girlfriend is OK.

Go on. Go on. Tell her.

Don’t hold me down with your tears.

I have a story, a reason.

They told me I would feel great.

But now I’m here looking for the way, just a kid.

No, don’t leave!

I was young, buff, full of vigor.

Girls loved me. I was strong and grand to all.

Still, I was stupid.

Tell them I am sorry.

What was I thinking?

Now I’m here.

It will take me a while to see the light.

Their tears are like ropes.

But I’ll be fine. I’m sorry.

Put away my senior ring.

Take apart my room.

Box my trophies. I have a place.

They will take me there.

I’m just there to say I’m okay.

I can be free once they

Loosen the ropes of tears.

Fill my room with your own gifts.

There is no point to sing such grief.


Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard

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