With This Ring


With this ring

I thee wed.

For years to come

In sacred design

This ring cast into our hearts,

Holding like a puzzle

With no solution

That would break the bond

Of mystery that is Us.

A jewel, though welded tight,

Could dislodge, yet

It is recast from our

Diamond body,

The rock face of our soul,

Which is Us.


The paradox is the triad,

You, Me, and Us.

We are three-fold.

A triangle with a solid base,

Our new house,

Which is Us.

We can see from all angles

The intangible Us.

Without Us,

We are No-thing,

Just You, Me, and

An empty bond.


It is with this ring,

I thee wed for

Unity in all celebrations –

Birth and becoming,

And even hope in travail –

Deceit and death.

All is in this ring

That could heal love

Or spite love, yet

We have Us to complete

The welding of this jewel

Born out of You and Me.

And so, we together

In the Name Most High,

With this ring,

Wed as three, the One:

You, Me, and Us.


Copyright © August 7, 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard

Image: Pixabay   https://pixabay.com/en/unity-love-marriage-ring-wedding-2579149/


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