This Cluster Becoming


This Cluster Becoming

She is this cluster becoming exquisite blooms,

Spiraling into her sacred mystery.

Alluring are her tears on her delirium,

Cries of bliss and sorrow

Perfectly wed in this cadmium attire.

This grace,

This poise,

This bouquet;

She is an enigma to fathom.

She holds you in rapture as

This bud unfolds its blooms over time;

The babe blossoms a maiden

With arms outstretched to a searing sun.

Her heart fully opens to her desires and fragility, so

These vulnerable petals in perfect design are

Protected by thorny spears

If mishandled by ardor.

Wounds are auger to be foretold.

Be gentle with transience in any betrothal.

The light dims, and

The petals whither,

Spilling into holy pyre.

Copyright© September 15, 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard

Image: Pixabay








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