Praying for All Babies


I am praying for the babies and children locked in cages with only what looks like tin foil as a blanket. And some have stopped eating. Some are being abused. Some are going insane and are so troubled they can’t even hug their mothers when reunited.

I pray actions truly support the words of how sacred life is.

May those who defend the unborn open their hearts to the children who are born and underserved.

And I pray for single mothers choosing to have their babies but who are disparaged for not having a husband and where is he? Gone! Yet Mom needs a little help, and we used to lend a hand but not now because to the righteous she is acting entitled and is a plague on society.

And likewise the kids in cages are brushed aside as the parents are blamed and defiled for wanting to live in a safer place.

May children protesting gun violence not be dismissed and bullied for speaking truth to power.

May we truly honor and love children in all stages of life. The unborn and the born.

May this love be authentic. Not tainted by an agenda. May all children born and unborn not be used for political gain and diversion.

May we support and boost the morale of parents in need, parents who actually brought these kids into being. Pro life; pro living.

May we look at how complex all issues are and may we have empathy.

May we find ways to lift each other up and not tear each other down.

May we love and forgive.

Make it so.

Amen Amen Amen.



©Barbara Harris Leonhard










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