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A Blessing

Dear Friends, most of us would agree that this past year has been extremely challenging if not tragic. Many of you have documented your pain and grief in poetry, fiction, and essays. St. Patrick’s Day is on Wednesday and Easter is coming up, so it’s a good time for us to transmute our sorrow and fear into blessings. It’s spring, a time of rebirth as we see the daffodils blooming. Although daffodils are sometimes pelted by one last snowfall, they are resilient. Indeed, spring is full of promise as four-leaf clovers await our search for good health and fortune. The fourth leaf, luck, adds to the trinity, so even if we fail to find the four-leaf clover, we are truly never alone. With love, I offer this blessing.

May you be blessed.

May good luck follow you always.

May you be healthy and thus wealthy.

May your heart be filled with grace

not grief.

May your home be filled with love,

not languor.

May your days be filled with mystery,

not misery.

May your back never bend in storm.

May friends and family gather at last     

in your welcoming arms.

Feature Image: by artistlike on pixabay.com

Image of the daffodil: by MrGajowy3 on pixabay


Praying for All Babies


I am praying for the babies and children locked in cages with only what looks like tin foil as a blanket. And some have stopped eating. Some are being abused. Some are going insane and are so troubled they can’t even hug their mothers when reunited.

I pray actions truly support the words of how sacred life is.

May those who defend the unborn open their hearts to the children who are born and underserved.

And I pray for single mothers choosing to have their babies but who are disparaged for not having a husband and where is he? Gone! Yet Mom needs a little help, and we used to lend a hand but not now because to the righteous she is acting entitled and is a plague on society.

And likewise the kids in cages are brushed aside as the parents are blamed and defiled for wanting to live in a safer place.

May children protesting gun violence not be dismissed and bullied for speaking truth to power.

May we truly honor and love children in all stages of life. The unborn and the born.

May this love be authentic. Not tainted by an agenda. May all children born and unborn not be used for political gain and diversion.

May we support and boost the morale of parents in need, parents who actually brought these kids into being. Pro life; pro living.

May we look at how complex all issues are and may we have empathy.

May we find ways to lift each other up and not tear each other down.

May we love and forgive.

Make it so.

Amen Amen Amen.



©Barbara Harris Leonhard @extraordinarysunshineweaver.blog

Image: http://bigpicturequestions.com/a-call-to-action-for-immigrant-children/









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Heart Journeys

Heart Journeys

Open to life

as a child would

in joy and curiosity,

each moment,

a birth.

Make life a quest,

not a test.

© 2108 Barbara Harris Leonhard @extraordinarysunshineweaver.blog

Digital Image “Heart Journeys” ©Martha Harris@artisticflarings.com

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The Light is coming in to heal the curse of Ego. As we stand aside, we feel the mighty force of Cosmic Light. It feels like we are losing our minds or that our faces are being shorn off.

This is a painful, visceral upheaval. We feel turned inside out and upside down. We are so dizzy we can’t stand up alone. The battling vibrations of Ego and Light are rocking our souls. We scream and cry out. We hurl our food and creep under the covers, hiding from the shadows.

Out of fear, we just want to die to stop this agony as all is being revealed, the pus of our gross illnesses is emerging. We suffer dysfunctions socially, politically, and environmentally. We have screamed out our prayers for comfort and healing.

The Earth, as well, rages with floods, volcanic eruptions, fires, Category 5 storms. But Mother knows the Light is here. We see it in the firefighters, the rescuers, the soldiers.

The healing is evident. Out of fire comes new growth. Out of eruptions come new lands. Out of storms comes renewal. Floods carry away the past.

The Light is here. It’s in our voices and our intentions. It’s in our manifestations. We wanted this healing, and we are getting it. We prayed for salvation and victory, and so it is. We think this pain is against us, but it is for us. It is answering our prayers.

This is Cosmic truth. Laws prevail. The universe is orderly, and equilibrium must be sustained. God maintains the balance of all life in all dimensions. The pendulum never swings in one direction.

A healing always feels worse before health is restored to wholeness. The wounds cry out until scabbed over. We’ve spilled our blood and sacrificed our limbs. How can we ever become whole again? It would be so easy to curse our condition! Damn this life! Why us!

In our victim stare, we hide in addictions. We bully. We put ourselves ahead of others. We lie. We seek revenge. In so doing, we become what we hate. Anything to mask the agony. We are so powerless in this state.

Little do we know, this is cosmic healing. It is God Force healing involving a huge upheaval of forces involving universal truth. Love will prevail. It always does, especially if we all participate as we are the shamanic link between Heaven and Earth. We are the healers bringing in the light.

Have faith. We are a strong force battling Ego so as to heal. Whenever  we stand together and speak up, rest assured that Ego never wins, Ego never wins, Ego never wins.

Love prevails. Nothing can block out the Light. Have faith. Stand aside. Let in the Light to answer your prayers. Become one with the Light. Be the prayer! Make it so!


©Barbara Harris Leonhard @extraordinarysunshineweaver.blog