The Poet Dreamer

 The Poet Dreamer Our lives are nights bereft of cogent dreams, Sleep of light thought of lines of poems Forgotten upon rising. We are poets searching for truth in all dimensions Much less our own lives, Our greatest dream and illusion.   The mind plays tricks as symbols contest each other In active play as... Continue Reading →


  Though the seas rage green, You breathe into each wave, Riding the vast, fearless, Sinking into the primordial dimensions Of creative surge With child-like wonder, Playful and joyous. Instinct seeks its tribe. Together, you are valiant in battle, Guarding and protecting Even the stranger. Your laughter, a lifeline For those lost to peace, Gasping... Continue Reading →

My Eyes Bleed

My eyes bleed To the raw horror Of children cut down while fleeing The coward’s aim. When the one who would be His brother Lies dying, When the warm-hearted gather In trust and prayer, Defenseless to the monster,  Who will be a victor only In his own Hell, For he knows not the truth Of... Continue Reading →

Dark Apostle

Rising shadows of flames, dressed in deep void, I arrive to burn the bramble of your complacent life. You hide inside this clay façade, live for self in idle pleasure, slumber in this carcass of addiction and desire.   I hold you down as you writhe in agony, thrive on your muffled screams. You smolder... Continue Reading →


Heartfelt Love is sacred energy Shared for transmutation. Give so that you may receive; Receive so that you may give. Bounty has no dam. Kindness circles back to its source, for  Its path is not that of an aimless arrow  Slicing the air to hit an unseen target Into the middle of nowhere. Love flows... Continue Reading →

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