“Marie Kondo Cleans My Purse at Starbucks” – Nominated Publication of the Month at Spillwords

I am honored and grateful to the readers, and Dagmara and her editing staff for yet another honor. May I have your vote? It would mean the world to me. You can vote here: https://spillwords.com/vote/ Voting will cease on 3/1 and soon after they will reveal the winner. Please note, you need to register and/or login... Continue Reading →

Prometheus Amok – a Free Anthology

To celebrate National Poetry Month, which is in April, Denise Fletcher (Poetry Curator) compiled an anthology of some poetry submitted to her Blogspot site, Poets Notebook. When you open this link, you will find the place to download the free poetry anthology. Thank you, Denise, for including my poem ”Memoirs”. https://poetsnotebook2022.blogspot.com/2022/02/prometheus-amok.html Image: Pixabay

Spillwords Press Awards 2022 — Spillwords

Spillwords Press Awards 2022   The post Spillwords Press Awards 2022 appeared first on Spillwords.Spillwords Press Awards 2022 — Spillwords Thank you, Spillwords Press, for the award, Socialite of the Year Honorary Mention. I appreciate the support that Spillwords gives to authors around the globe. The diversity you offer on your pages helps to unify us,... Continue Reading →

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