Poetry Mini Interview I

Thomas Whyte is publishing a five-part interview with me on his blog Poetry Mini Interviews. I appreciate the many people who promote artists and writers.

As many of you writers know, writing can be lonely because we do it in a space with just our imaginations and writing implements. Also, even though we get peer feedback, the final decisions are ours to make unless we have to grapple with an editor.

You should consider contacting Thomas Whyte for an interview. He’s very nice. His email address is poetryminiinterviews@gmail.com. He will send you a list of questions. You pick five, answer them, and submit them to the email address with a bio and a photo.

Don’t be shy! Share your soul, visions, and works. The more you share, the more will come to you. When I submitted my poetry collection, Three-Penny Memories: A Poetic Memoir, to my publisher, EIF-Experiments in Fiction, I felt a loss, an emptiness. However, new ideas for other books have come to me.

My book will roll out on October 15, 2022 in Kindle and print formats. I hope you will like it!


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