Talk Smack to a Hurricane by Lynne Jensen Lampe

I just have to share a stunning new poetry book by my friend Lynne Jensen Lampe. We’ve been co-promoting because both of us are old ladies (our words) publishing debut poetry books about our mothers.

Her publisher, Ice Floe Press, just released this pre-sale promotion of Lynne’s book, Talk Smack to a Hurricane. Check it out! I couldn’t have written a better description of her book. Lynne’s poetry is heart-felt and masterful. You can order her book from the press.

Soon, my publisher, EIF-Experiments in Fiction (Ingrid Wilson), and I will be highlighting several pre-sale events for my debut poetry book, Three-Penny Memories: A Poetic Memoir, for the publication of my book next month. My book will be sold on Amazon in print and Kindle formats.

Here is the information about Lynne’s book.

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