Memoir Writing, Ink

Alison Wearing’s course Memoir Writing, Ink helped me to write my poetry book, which debuts soon on Amazon. Three-Penny Memories: A Poetic Memoir (EIF – Experiments in Fiction, 2022). Stay tuned for the cover reveal and other promos for my book.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in memoir writing, check out Alison’s course. She’s a best-selling memoirist. She wrote Confessions of a Fairy’s Daugher: Growing Up with a Gay Dad, Honeymoon in Purduh: An Iranian Journey, and Moments of Glad Grace: A Memoir.

I plan to write more about how my book came to fruition in future posts. For now, I’m feel honored and grateful that Alison used my review for her advertisement.

Here is Alison’s course information:

You don’t need to want to publish your story to want to write it.

You don’t even need to know what you want to write about.

A desire to write your story is enough.
It means that something in you is longing to be born.

And I would be happy to help you make that happen.

Start with a free masterclass if you want to get a taste ( or click here to join the list for our ‘fall registration’

Our next course will begin on September 12.

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