Three-Penny Memories -Complete Book Cover!

Hey, everyone! Here is my book cover, front and back, for Three-Penny Memories: A Poetic Memoir. It’s a hefty baby, 185 pages! the blurbs on the back are very positive.

My publisher, Ingrid Wilson (EIF – Experiments in Fiction), told me that reading it was like reading a novel. That’s the magic of memoir. My story has three chapters that carry the reader from past to present, examining pertinent events that fit the theme, major conflicts, and the arc of two lives in a dance of anger, frustration, grief, loss, fear, self-doubt, a range of emotions that accompany betrayal, abandonment, and wounding.

As a caregiver to Mom, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I was filled with self-doubt and questioned my love for Mom because of my uncle’s question, “Do you love your mother.” This book is like a life review of all the major reasons why I could hate her or myself, actually, because I feared I came up short as a daughter. Isn’t it taboo to question your love of your mother as she navigates Alzheimer’s? Can I resolve my feelings about myself and my mother in order to give her the support she needs, especially at her end of days?

I have a prior post describing the book and offering my first audio recording, and I am putting up three more readings of poems. Recording 2 on Friday, September 23; Recording 3 on Friday, September 30; and Recording 4 on Friday, October 7.

Finally, on October 15, there will be a LIVE BOOK LAUNCH on Zoom to celebrate the publication that day on Amazon. I will create a post with the link and time of this live virtual event soon.
Thank you all again for your interest and support!

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